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Mind migration WordPress -> Symfony

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Mind migration WordPress -> Symfony

by varg242 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:30 am


I am WordPress Developer based on Kazakhstan / Russia, and I'm very tired of that.
Last year I was met with WordPress, and there was big love with it. I made many sites for my customers, I was built big and great portfolio, I was traveled half-Russia with that knowledge. Yeah, that's was cool.

But for now, there is a time to make real business, not just another "on-the-key" websites.
I was built (and it's still under f***g development) some website. It is much harder, than standart "news/blog" website, it's big and hard online community. In another word, I was ran into limitations of WordPress core. I'm having not-professional admin board, not-professional way to display it (however, it works, but creation it was so.. hard and long).

And for now, I need some tips and practices to move my mind to Symfony (by the Symfony, I want to say, I mean any another productive way to web development).
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