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sfPrestaPayPalPlugin - website payment standard

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sfPrestaPayPalPlugin - website payment standard

by sipher-z » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:08 pm


I am trying to use the prestaPayPalPlugin in order to process payments.

As the documentation is pretty basic, i was wondering if anyone has had any success with getting this to work?

I have the following in my action:

Code: Select all
         $paypalData = array();
         $paypalData["cmd"]              = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_cmd');
         $paypalData["business"]         = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_business');
         $paypalData["item_name"]        = "eteeth order" . $order_id;
         $paypalData["amount"]           = $total_price;
         $paypalData["shipping"]         = 0;
         $paypalData["no_shipping"]      = 1;
         $paypalData["return"]           = $this->getController()->genUrl('order/paypalPaid', true);
         $paypalData["cancel_return"]    = $this->getController()->genUrl('order/cancelPaypal?id='.$param, true);
         $paypalData["notify_url"]       = $this->getController()->genUrl('order/paypalNotify', true);
         $paypalData["no_note"]          = '1';
         $paypalData["currency_code"]    = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_currency');
         $paypalData["lc"]               = 'EN';
         $paypalData["bn"]               = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_bn');
         $paypalData["host"]             = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_host');
         $paypalData["button"]           = sfConfig::get('app_paypal_button');
         $payment_form                   = new prestaPaypal();
         $this->paypal_form              = $payment_form->getFormStandardPayment($paypalData);

In my app.yml I also have the following

Code: Select all
    password: 12345678910
    signature: AX2Hh2ABu4jqbKCpjkoZ58GFZ-C.blahblah   
    cmd: _cart
    bn: PP-BuyNowBF
    lc: GB
    currency: GBP

I am rendering the form fine. In the HTML source I see all the information that I'm posting to the PayPal sandbox. The problem is I always keep getting an error:

We have detected a problem with this shopping cart. If the problem persists, please contact the merchant.

Has anyone ever used this plugin for website payments standard and has overcame this problem?

Many thanks
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