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sfPropelORMPlugin + schema.yml + columnmap : what is wrong?

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sfPropelORMPlugin + schema.yml + columnmap : what is wrong?

by enigmatiqk » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:13 pm

Hi all
symfony 1.4
sfPropelORMPlugin (~1.6)

i would like to add some attributs into schema (yml or xml) to use into form file generating.
yml example :

type: boolean
label: field text

i would like use label attribute to create field label into myTableForm.php with "sfPropelFormTemplate.php".
in first step, i try into propel plugin, then i will try to override the class.

a) i use "sfPropelFormTemplate.php" and accès to column by "$this->table->getColumns() as $column" (with foreach)
b) i cannot accès to label attribute..
c) so i have tried to modify columnmap (variable, get and set) to acces label information from "$this->table->getColumns()" => method exist, but return always null
d) i'm blocked, i can have "$column->getLabel()" but i don't know what i must to do to set the label attribute ??????

i hope i'm in the right place and i have write a good explain about my problem.
sorry about my english, if you need more informations ask them !!

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