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ckWebServicePlugin and empty parameters

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ckWebServicePlugin and empty parameters

by RookFrank » Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:39 pm


I work with symfony 1.4. and ckWebServicePlugin.

My service works perfectly

However I have problems with functionals tests.
My web service receives a request with empty parameters.

My service:
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    * MyService.
    * @WSMethod(name='MyService', webservice='myAppSOAPI')
    * @WSHeader(name='AuthHeader', type='AuthData')
         * @param string  $param1      parameter number 1
    * @return ResultMyService
   public function executeMyService($request) {

      $param1 = $request->getParameter('param1'   , '');
      $message ='$param1 = '.$param1 ;
      $this->result = new ResultMyService( '1', 'Test', $message);

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  //ResultMonService  :
  public function __construct($id, $name, $message)
    $this->id =  $id;
    $this->name     =  $name;
    $this->message    = $message;

My functional test :
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$app   = 'myAPi';
$debug = true;

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

$authData = new ClientAuthData('xxx', 'xxx');

$param1  = 'plop';


$c = new ckTestSoapClient($options);
$c ->addRequestHeader('AuthHeaderElement', $authData)

$result = $c->getResult();

Test my service returns a fault because $param1 is empty.
$result var_dump:

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  string(9) "$param1 ="

I don't understand why ...

I did this manipulation :

But it doesn't work better.

I have an error message probably related to my problem :

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PHP Strict Standards:  Declaration of ckTestSoapClient::__doRequest() should be compatible with SoapClient::__doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version, $one_way = NULL) in /xxxxxxx/plugins/ckWebServicePlugin/lib/test/ckTestSoapClient.class.php on line 506

anybody can help me ?
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