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sfCaptcha: Broken image and 500 internal server.

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sfCaptcha: Broken image and 500 internal server.

by bhushanpal » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:53 pm


I am a newbie on this forum and also in Symfony and unfortunately due to project requirements still stuck with old version on Symfony i.e. 1.0.20

Project uses the sfCaptcha 1.0.4 and the issue is, since a few days the captcha image has stopped generating on live site. It just displays the broken image icon in the original place and in the Chrome devtools console it shows '500 internal server error'

It works well on staging environment and also there had been no changes in production code lately. I've tallied both the codes and there is no difference in staging and production code for the plugin.

I've tried and tested the steps/ remedies mentioned in forums here for such issues but to no avail.
Apart from that, I've also checked if the code has any blank spaces in the files before the image gets displayed and also checked for the file encoding to be ANSI as pointed out in some posts found on the net for similar issue.

Please help as I am stuck with this issue since a few days and nothing is moving forward.
Any help is deeply appreciated.
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