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queer problem with propel

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queer problem with propel

by skurson » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:04 pm


I'm new in Symfony so resolution maybe is simple. Function save() works only once after clearing cache ( I checked it in the database ), the second time it doesn't work, and i don't know why.

my action
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public function executeSubmitOFirmie(){
     $oRequest = $this->getRequest();
     $oSystemowa = SystemowaPeer::doSelectOne( new Criteria() );
     $oSystemowa->setSysOfirmie( $oRequest->getParameter('o_firmie') );
   $this->redirect( 'administrator/oFirmie?zmiany=1' );

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    class:      sfPropelDatabase
      dsn: mysql://root:password@localhost/swiat_wizytowek
      encoding: utf8
      dbname: swiat_wizytowek

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propel.project             = swiat_wizytowek
propel.database            = mysql
propel.database.createUrl  = mysql://root:password@localhost
propel.database.url        = mysql://root:password@localhost/swiat_wizytowek
propel.database.encoding   = utf8

;mysql options
propel.mysql.tableType     = InnoDB
propel.output.dir              = C:\xampp\htdocs\swiat_wizytowek\

model is correct. I will be grateful for the help ;)
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