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i18n and object_select_tag

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i18n and object_select_tag

by fishlurch » Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:59 pm

Hi @ all,

next problem:

I use the i18n database style (with blabla and blabla_i18n tables). I want to read the entries names (which can be found in blabla_i18n) via blabla_names like that:

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object_select_tag($applicant_data, 'getVsapplNationalityId', array (
  'related_class' => 'Country',
  'control_name' => 'applicant_data[vsappl_nationality_id]',
  'peer_method' => 'doSelectOrderByCountryName',
  'include_blank' => true ...

-> vsappl_nationality_id is in the blabla_i18n table. Symfony drops the following error message:
[wrapped: Cannot fetch ColumnMap for undefined column: PR_COUNTRY_NAME].

I have added the following line into the matching Peer file:

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const PR_COUNTRY_NAME = 'param_countries.PR_COUNTRY_NAME';

Quesions: Are i18n tables connected in any case to the matching "blabla" table? Or are there any restrictions, which prevent the data to be acessed by the object_select_tag?

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