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collection forms without javascript

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collection forms without javascript

by jan.kopacek » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:05 pm

Hello, please can you tell me, how can I render collection form only with php? I have this part collection
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        $builder->add('jobParts', 'collection', array(
                'type'       => new JobPartType(),
                'allow_add'    => true,
                'allow_delete' => true,

and twig template
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{% for jobPart in form.jobParts %}      
            {{ form_widget(jobPart) }}
            {{ form_errors(jobPart) }}
   {% endfor %}

than I have external data, and I need to render form accordingly, so I need to have something like this
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{% for name in names %}
   <input type="number" id="jobPart_$$name$$_count" name="order[items][$$name$$][count]" required="required" value="" />
{% endfor %}

Thank you very much!
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