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Issue with Dymanic menu

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Issue with Dymanic menu

by Siri » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:18 pm

Hi all!
I have an issue with the menu that was generated dynamically from the page structure.
The website has a top level menu with all the pages at level 0. Problem is with the Url part of the menu. It takes the relative path and appends my website address before the url field content and creates the complete link for that menu item.
This is causing issue if I would like to point that page to an external site say http://www/... address.
It is appending my website address before the Url field content and creating a link similar to

here is the code that was used at template level to get the dynamic menu:
<?php include_component('page', 'menu', array('level' => 0, 'menuHtmlId' => 'main-nav', 'linkId' => true)) ?>

I would much appreciate if anyone can point me to the relevant file that appends my site url?
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