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Another Model Issue

Discussion specific to symfony 1.1.x stable

Another Model Issue

by byuhobbes » Tue May 04, 2010 1:41 am

I'm creating a web app using symfony 1.1.9 and I'm running into a problem with my models. Early in development, I changed the name of one of my models from SfGuardPiProfile to SfGuardUserPiProfile. Ever since, I've been using the SfGuardUserPiProfile.

I'm close to finishing the web app, so I'm trying to figure out how the propel:data-dump task works so I can set up daily and weekly DB backups. When I ran the command

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symfony propel:data-dump frontend

I got an error saying that the sf_guard_pi_profile table does not exist in my database. I was surprised to see that message, since that model has not been in my schema.yml file for a long time. I looked in the lib/model directory, however, and sure enough, PHP model files are there for both the old and the new models.

I tried moving the old files to a different directory, running the propel:build-all-load task, clearing the cache, and then running the data dump task again. However, that time I got a fatal error saying it could not find the SfGuardPiProfile.php class.

Why does symfony thinks it needs this file? It doesn't create a MySQL table for it, and it is not in the config.yml file? However, each time I rebuild my models these classes are rebuilt as well. Any ideas?

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Re: Another Model Issue

by marcats » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:26 pm

Doesn't the sfGuard plugin has its own schema.yml? (somewhere in a config directory)
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