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Difference between addOr() and addAnd()

Discussion specific to symfony 1.1.x stable

Difference between addOr() and addAnd()

by kirankadam72 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:53 pm

Hello Friends,
I am using symfony 1.1.1 and propel is my ORM tool.
Can somebody tell me the difference between addOr() and addAnd().
And also i do not understand what exactly work of getNewCriterion()
Please reply me
Thanks In Advanced
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Re: Difference between addOr() and addAnd()

by Tirthesh » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:11 am


Simply, 'addOr' is used in the same way as we use 'OR' in where clause in mysql statements. And "addAnd" is used in the same way as we use "AND" in where clause.

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$c = new Criteria();
$c1 = $c->getNewCriterion(BookPeer::TITLE, '%Leo%', Criteria::LIKE);
$c2 = $c->getNewCriterion(BookPeer::ISBN, '1234', Criteria::EQUAL);

As using Criteria we build the query in diff. statements, we define where condition for each field separately. In simple language, we can use the new criterian to form a part of the where clause and attach the same to the main clause using ADD or OR.

As shown in above example, a new condition for TITLE and ISBN are formed separately using new criterion and using 'OR' It's joining the query to form a statement like below :

$c1->addOr($c2) results :

(`TITLE` LIKE '%Leo%' OR ISBN == '1234')

and $c->add($c1) attaches the above condition to the main statement:

-----WHERE (`TITLE` LIKE '%Leo%' OR ISBN == '1234')-----

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Hope above explanation helps you understand the same. Have tried to explain in simple words(practically). Any expert can explain you more technically.

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