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Disconnected on form validation.

Discussion specific to symfony 1.1.x stable

Disconnected on form validation.

by xrorox2 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:35 am


I am working on a professionnal project. The project works well on wamp, and our apache server. But client reported that when he use a big form (240 inputs) he was disconneted before php can use these information. This bug does not occurs with others form (160 inputs). This is a configuration bug, but i am unable to get this error, on wamp and on a real apache server.

Do you have any ideas ? Client don't got any apache errors. Data are sent using post.
And it is not Session time out. This bug occurs even when the client submit within 2 min. Session timeout is about 1 hour.

Sorry for my poor english.
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