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Upgrading custom admin generator to Symfony 1.1

Discussion specific to symfony 1.1.x stable

Upgrading custom admin generator to Symfony 1.1

by Bastiaaan » Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:59 pm

hi All,

In Sf 1.0 we have overridden the sfPropelAdminGenerator to add several extra features. Our 'custom' generator is in the plugins directory. It has its own actions and templates defined there and in the generator.yml files in the modules we refer to the class-name of this generator instead of sfPropelAdminGenerator.
We want to upgrade our project to 1.1 (and possibly to 1.4 later on) and keep our custom generator.
Does anyone know if this is possible? Can we reuse the same generator somehow? Any ideas how we can set this up? Or are there too many changes in the Propel- or Symfony-code to get this working?

all help and useful links are welcome,

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