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How to make sfDoctrineGuardPlugin work properly?

Questions relating to sfGuardPlugin or other user management plugins

How to make sfDoctrineGuardPlugin work properly?

by carlosGomez » Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:21 pm

Hi, I am new to symfony, and I am developing an app than requires user management. We choose the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin.

After some research I was able to successfully install the plugin. I manage to insert some user, then I started to write my schema.yml with the definition of my tables.

Everything goes well until I do
php symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load --no-confirmation
and DoctrineGuard goes to hell...

After some reading and google, I found than I am not alone, there are hundreds of web developers trying to make this work, some one say I have to remove the sfGuard classes from lib/model/ done, not working.
Some one say remove sfGuard tables from schema.yml done, not working; clear cache of course, not working.
After several days trying, and with an upset boss behind me, I cant understand why so much people seems to work just fine with this plugin, and several more seems to be in the same dark place I am without any <strong>bullet proof answer</strong> about:

<em><strong>How to make sfDoctrineGuardPlugin work properly??</strong></em>

Do I have to erase all my project every time I fail trying to make this work?
Am I unable to use anymore symfony doctrine:build-schema, symfony doctrine:data-load, because doctrineguard keep saying about than a / relation is missing, a widget does not exist, etc...

What I do:

create a sfproject
define a database
install sfdoctrine
enable the modules, secure the empty project, just like the plugin readme says...
edit my schema.yml to create my table/model definition
and finally
php symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load --no-confirmation
and boom!!!!
no fixtures load,
fatal error in the "new" action.

Please, how to make this thing work? I have read Gb of webpages and none gives me an answer...
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Re: How to make sfDoctrineGuardPlugin work properly?

by Mathias » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:12 pm

i never used this plugin together with fixtures, so I can't help you. but i found some of your remarks quite special.

some one say remove sfGuard tables from schema.yml

what would that be for? and which schema.yml are you referring to? i have a schema.yml just for sfDoctrineGuardPlugin in plugins\sfDoctrinGuardPlugin\config\doctrine\schema.yml
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