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action sfGuardGroup/index does not exist

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action sfGuardGroup/index does not exist

by ivan » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:36 pm

Hi, I im using sfDoctrineGuardPlugin and have enabled sfGuardAuth, sfGuardGroup, sfGuardPermission and sfGuardUser in the settings.yml for the backend.

Everything works fine in my development environment (windows xp ) symfony 1.4.8

But when I deploy to a centos production server I;m getting an error when trying to access any of the sf_guard_group_xxxx routes
if I do a symfony app:routes backend all the autogenerated routes are there, but when trying to access for instance the url: ... ard/groups the error
Action: "sfGuardGroup/index" does not exists.

same for all other actions: new, edit, etc..

sfGuardUser and sfGuardPermission have no problems. I already checked permissions and the autoSfGuardGroup module generated in the cache and the executeIndex in the actions,class.php is there.

Any idea what could be the problem?
Not sure what additional info might be useful. Already cleared cache, logout/login, manually deleted cache contents with no result...

using sfDoctrineGuardPlugin-5.0.0


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