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Lucene Search - Passing Extra Parameters

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Lucene Search - Passing Extra Parameters

by bouncybee » Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:21 pm


I'm after a bit of guidance as I'm new to Symfony and have inherited a project which needs some work done on the search module. The app is built using version 1.4 and has the Lucene search built in which is working correctly for a search string. What I need to do is figure out how I can pass further parameters in to filter my search results even further once the initial search is run. The code so far for the module is as follows:

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    $searchquery = $request->getParameter('q');
    $type = $request->getParameter('type');
    $subtype = $request->getParameter('subtype');
    $this->searchquery = $searchquery;
    $this->type = $type;
    $this->subtype = $subtype;
    $this->results = array();

    if ($searchquery) {
        isicsBreadcrumbs::getInstance()->addItem('Results', '@search_index');
        $results = Doctrine_Core::getTable('Innovation')->getForLuceneQuery("$searchquery");
        $this->results = $results;

What I'm looking to do is filter the search down using other elements in each record. So for example if I search for 'innovation' I could reduce my results further by status by passing a type and subtype through to Lucene. Type = status and subtype = 2. The ideal senario then would be results only with status 2 being returned. Once that works I have one which is a bit more complex where I need to filter by categories (but these are contained in another table).

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this as I'm completely stuck at the moment,


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