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[sfYUIPlugin] Problems during the installation

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[sfYUIPlugin] Problems during the installation

by dbigbear » Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:50 am

The readme of the plugin says:

= sfYui plugin =

The `sfYuiPlugin` contains the Yahoo! UI javascript libraries.

== Installation ==

* Install the plugin

symfony plugin-install

* Download YUI package from

* Unzip YUI package and move content of subdirectory "yui/build" from package into "web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui", f.ex:

mkdir -p [project_dir]web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui
cp -a yui/build/* [project_dir]web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui

* If you want to use yui-ext (BSD licence is probably up to 0.33) checkout it from: i-ext.0.33 (revision 3472) into "web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui-ext.0.33"

svn co -r3472 i-ext.0.33 ./web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui-ext.0.33

Info: ExtJS (successor of yui-ext) separete itself from YUI and now is dual licenced (open source / commerce). Maybe ExtJS sould be in separate plugin?

* Clear your symfony cache

symfony cc

But normally there is no "web/sfYUIPlugin/js/" foler. And we all know that the "web/sfYUIPlugin" is just a link to the project root. Specifically, Should I Unzip the YUI package to "[project_dir]web/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui" or [project_dir]plugins/sfYUIPlugin/js/yui ?

Mank thanks
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Re: [sfYUIPlugin] Problems during the installation

by ak47 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:30 pm

i'm trying sfYUIPlugin with symfony 1.1.0, but the install doesn't work.

./symfony plugin:install sfYUIPlugin

-> No release available for plugin "sfYUIPlugin" in state "stable"

./symfony plugin:install -s beta sfYUIPlugin

-> No release available for plugin "sfYUIPlugin" in state "beta"

./symfony plugin:install -r 1.0.0 sfYUIPlugin

-> Unable to get dependencies information for plugin "sfYUIPlugin": File http://plugins.symfony-proje .org:80/REST/r/sfyuiplugin/deps.1.0.0.txt not valid (received: HTTP/1.0 404 Not found)

looks the plugin needs an update, any other hint?
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