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Problem with integrated Ajax-Function

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Problem with integrated Ajax-Function

by triggertoo » Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:39 am

hi, using the extjs2 plugin, i try to call the ajax-function "remote_function", but this ends in the following javascript-error. Thx for answers...

function alertID(node){
if (node.isLeaf()){
<?php echo remote_function(array(
'update' => 'box',
'url' => 'mymodule/myaction',
} else {
alert('Die Node-ID ist ' + + ' leaf: false');

this.el is undefined
focus()()ext-all-debug.js (Linie 19630)
delay()()prototype.js (Linie 231)
[Break on this error] this.el.child(this.buttonSelector).focus();
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