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Problems with intalling JQuery(Tabs)

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Problems with intalling JQuery(Tabs)

by neon_fd » Tue Aug 12, 2008 3:44 pm


I will use the JQueryTab and install it with pear. Later I download the latest Version of JQuery from

My Plugin-Folder looks like this
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/sfJQueryTabsPlugin/* (config/modules/web)

My Web-Folder looks like
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I copied the sfJQueryTabs Folder from /plugin/modules/sfJQueryTabs in my module folder of the project.

I also copied the jquerytabs.yml file in the config-Folder of the frontend
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    text:     'Start'
    link:     'main/list'

    text:     'Users'
    link:     'main/list'

    text:     'Calendars'
    link:     'main/list'

    text:     'Groups'
    link:     'main/list'

    text:     'Zones'
    link:     'main/list'

When I open now http://project/frontend_dev.php/sfJQueryTabs I see only a blank website with the 5 Points of the yml file. But there a displayed like simply Listobjects
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What I'm making wrong? I will put some tabs at the top of a template. How to do it?

I hope I write all necessary information. If you need more, so say it ;)~ ;-)~ :wink:

Thanks for helpfing!

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