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Jquery Plugin history

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Jquery Plugin history

by rupam_jaiswal » Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:26 pm

I am a newbie in using jquery.Please excuse me if similar query has been posted earlier.

I am building a maillist with extensive use of jquery.This list displays the list of emails as in Inbox (in slot of 15) and has Next and Prev links to traverse next or prev set of mails.
I want my mailist to be cached and so that if user is in slot 31-45,can get slots 16-30 on click of browser’s back button.
i searched and found the jquery plugin history but not getting exactly how to use it in my situation.

flow of my code how next and prev links work using ajax is as follows

1)on click of next link(href is set to [removed]void(0) ;)~ ;-)~ :wink:,call a function Next() that sets the startcount and call loadmaillist(); inside it.

2)in loadmaillist(),makes a url ,makes a json call,gets the jsondata and call displaymaillisthtml(datajson);

3)in displaymaillisthtml(),builds the html for maillist thru javascript .

I hope u r not getting confused :(~ :-(~ :sad:

now my question is,where should i use the $.(history) bla..bla.bla and how??as discussed in most of tutorials.

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