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jq_submit_to_remote of jQueryReloadedPlugin does not work

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jq_submit_to_remote of jQueryReloadedPlugin does not work

by Alberthzerep » Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:52 pm


Can someone use in a short example the jq_submit_to_remote of jQueryReloadedPlugin, because I have been trying int but it does not work

If I put the same but using the submit_to_remote of PrototypePlugin, it works perfecly.

I copy my code:

<?php echo use_helper('I18N', 'jQuery', 'Javascript') ?>

<div class="manage_member_groups" id="manage_<?php echo myTools::stripText($member->getFullName()) ;?>_groups" >
<form action="<?php echo url_for([url=mailto:'@community]'@community[/url]_manage_member_groups?memberId='.$member->getId()) ?>" method="POST">
<?php echo $form ?>
<div class="form_button">
<?php echo jq_submit_to_remote('ajax_save', 'Save', array(
'url' => [url=mailto:'@community]'@community[/url]_manage_member_groups?memberId='.$member->getId(),
'update' => 'manage_'.myTools::stripText($member->getFullName()).'_groups',
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