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parameter handling for input_auto_complete_tag

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parameter handling for input_auto_complete_tag

by zmaster17de » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:59 pm


I already googled but didn't find a sufficient answer.
So, how do I handle parameter for the input_auto_complete tag ?

First of all. I have an action player/autocomplete.
It looks for the parameter player and creates a criteria.
But now I experienced that I have team-form, where I do have several players. So I named them player1, player2, etc. Like this, the parameter name changes, which my action controller does not know.
So my first question: How is it possible to fix this parameter name?

Next I realized that I have sometimes send other parameters too. I found out that I can put them in the GET header by adding them in the action url. But I would prefer to have these parameters also in the POST header. So, how do I put them there?

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