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critreia action with session

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critreia action with session

by ojie43 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:17 pm

please help me......

i get error in this action...and in template

public fuction executeShow()
$c = new Criteria();


in MyUserClass

i strore my session

public function signIn($user)
$this->setAttribute('subscriber_id', $user->getId(), 'subscriber');

$this->setAttribute('username', $user->getUsername(), 'subscriber');
$this->setAttribute('email', $user->getEmail(), 'subscriber');

public function getEmail()
return $this->getAttribute('email', '', 'subscriber');

in tempalte showSucces.php

<td><?php echo $mahasiswa->getNrp() ?></td>

i get erro with message "getNrp non-object"...

please help me....

hoyw use session data in action....


sorry for my engglish cz not good
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