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[jQuery] Ajax request problem with safari

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[jQuery] Ajax request problem with safari

by lolitarh » Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:28 pm

hello everybody,

i got a problem using some AJAX to save user's skills using checkboxs

it works fine on firefox but on safari the skills are not saved.

here is the template :

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<div id="skillLink" style="visibility: hidden">
<?php echo url_for('@profil_save_skill') ?>

here is the action:

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public function executeSaveSkill(sfWebRequest $request) // Ajax request to save the skill. No template is associate.
      $name = $request->getParameter('name');
      $id_user = $this->getUser()->getSubscriberId();

      $match = '';
      preg_match("#^skill\[(.*)\]$#Usmi", $name, $match);
      $skill = Doctrine::getTable('Skill')->verifExistSkill($id_user, $match[1]); // Check if the skill already exist. Match[1] is the real name (in the form : name = skills['*REAL NAME*'])
      if ($skill)
         $skill->delete(); // If he already exist, we delete it.

      $skill = new Skill(); // Else we create it.

by the way, i can't suppr the exit because with setLayout(false) my skills aren't saved also.

here is the javascript file:

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   $("form ul li input").click(function() // ajax fonction to load in database the skill
      url: $("#skillLink").html(),
      type: "POST",
      data: { name: $(this).attr('name') },

//      $.post($("#skillLink").html(), { name: $(this).attr('name') } );
   //skills' animations
   $("form > ul ul").hide(); //hide all the list of skills

   $("input:checked").parent().next().children().not("input").not('label').slideDown("slow"); // show skill who have been selected before

   $("form ul li input").click(function() // on click show the child list (if there is one).

im a beginner with AJAX so if you want me to do some test in order to resolve this it will be a pleasure for me (already got firebug for firefox and web inspector for safari)

thanks you
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