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symfony 0.4.2 released

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symfony 0.4.2 released

by francois » Mon Nov 14, 2005 1:38 pm

The last month has been quite active for symfony. If you followed the timeline (, you might have seen numerous bug corrections and enhancements to the framework, including:

* better Ajax support (prototype and
* many symfony generators enhancements (including support for primary keys not named id, foreign keys, multi-primary keys, post links and confirmation for delete links)
* dev environment is much faster
* better debug sidebar
* better i18n support (variable substitution)
* lot a small fixes for Windows users (extended IIS support)
* support for non virtual host configurations (alias, etc.)
* automatic support for created_at and updated_at columns (Propel + generator)
* rich text support (tinymce) for textarea_tag helper
* new configurable suffix by route (with directory and no suffix support)
* enforced one URL for one ressource

All these are available in the new 0.4.2 stable release. To update your symfony installation, type:

pear upgrade symfony/symfony

Don't forget to clear the cache of all your projects by calling in each of them:

symfony cc

Note: the default suffix was changed from from `.html` to `.`. As it might break backward compatibility, refer to the routing chapter ( l) of the documentation.

Note: for the users of the beta version, the 0.4.2 is equivalent to the 0.5.116. You can keep on using nightly builds.
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