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Dynamic tabs with Jquery and Symfony

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Dynamic tabs with Jquery and Symfony

by JMMS » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:01 pm

Hello community,

I'm new here and rookie Symfony, so I need your help for a problem that I have.

I am creating the administration part of a web in Symfony, where I have a main menu with a list of links and when I select any of them I want a lower div dynamic active tab and whose content is the template of the route has displayed the "href" link. So every time you select a link from the menu to have 9 tabs at most.Here you can see how I've wanted to do.

I added the load () method to load the route in the div, but although the content appears and gives problems, because only the first word is automatically activated.
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In short, what I need is that since a main menu of options to click on each generate a tab at a lower div with content belonging to each link, and if one of the options already have the tab generated, activate to display the contents and not add another tab with the same content (can not be repeated lashes with the same content).

I appreciate all the help, thanks.
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