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create File object using memory to store the file content

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create File object using memory to store the file content

by jion1987 » Wed May 27, 2015 2:51 pm

I have a blob resource from my db. I want to wrap temporaly this file into Symfony File object because i want to use specific methods like the extension guesser, and apply symfony file validators.
I want to store this temporary file into memory, because the blobs are small files and i dont want to create a file in disk in every request.

I tried to do this in that way:

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$file = new File ('php://temp');

but symfony throws an error that says 'The file "php://temp" does not exist'. Looking at File source, the error is caused by a "is_file($path)" check that is made in the constructor, and I can invalidate this putting false in the second argument. But, if I do:

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$file = new File ('php://temp', false);

the File is created, but then the error comes back later, e.g. when i use the guesser:

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because in Symfony/Component/HttpFoundation/File/MimeType/MimeTypeGuesser.php:

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public function guess($path)
        if (!is_file($path)) {
            throw new FileNotFoundException($path);

Ok. Then my question is: There is a way to load a 'php://temp' or 'php://memory' within a File object?
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