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Entity getter in different situation

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Entity getter in different situation

by ghasrfakhri » Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:31 pm

I have a Symfony2/AngularJS application and using FOSRestBundle with JMS Serializer Bundle. For normal entities every thing works great but in one of my entities that contains a collection of messages (fro example a topic entity) I need to return subset of messages in different situations.
For example for the Topic Entity Owner I want to return all messages of the topic for message owner I want to return just the message that posts with the message owner and for other users I don't want to return any messages but they can post a message on topic.

I'm not sure where to implement this. In the topic entity or in the controller or ...

There is a filtering a feature in doctrine but I'm not sure where to use if, In entity or Model/Controller ... ollections
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