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HELP ME Issue Command

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HELP ME Issue Command

by phamhongson063 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:13 am

I write class

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namespace Briswell\KaatsuBundle\Command;

use Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface;

class RemindCommand extends Command {

    protected function configure()


    protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output)



In screen I write:
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./app/console kaatsu:remind
in my shell

But it not wroking.

And show for me one message:

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  Configuration path "security.access_control" cannot be overwritten. You hav
  e to define all options for this path, and any of its sub-paths in one conf
  iguration section.

Help me. Please. Tks everyone
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