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Login out with http_basic authentication

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Login out with http_basic authentication

by ViC2 » Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:33 pm

My security.yml file:
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            pattern:   ^/
            anonymous: ~
                path: /logout
: /
                realm: "Secured Demo Area"

        - { path: ^/path/, roles: ROLE_ADMIN }

                    user:  { password: user, roles: 'ROLE_USER' }
                    admin: { password: admin, roles: 'ROLE_ADMIN' }

        SymfonyComponentSecurityCoreUserUser: plaintext

Part of my routing.yml file:
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    path: /logout

When I go to the /logout path I get this error:
ContextErrorException: Warning: SessionHandler::write(): Parent session handler is not open in C:\wamp\www\emgef\app\cache\dev\classes.php line 3520

Now, if I return to the index page (/ path) I can see that the user who previously logged in, is no longer authenticated, BUT if I returned to the secured path (/path/) then the bottom dev bar shows that the user is still authenticated and of course the application behave in correspondence with that.

My specific questions are:
1. Why the path /logout give me an error.
2. How can I logout an user authenticated with the http_basic method.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Login out with http_basic authentication

by mickburkesnr » Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:01 pm

I had this problem when I first started with Symfony2, and the answer was to use a HTML form instead of the browsers HTTP authentication.

The problem boils down to the browser caching the authentication. So when you go to log out you would, really, have to clear the browser cache to achieve that. You can also set it to expire, but you wouldn't be able to let the user log out.

I would seriously advise you use a HTML login form instead.
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