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use session in extended Usermanager in FOSUserbundle.

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use session in extended Usermanager in FOSUserbundle.

by onepiecev » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:13 pm

I am using custom UserManager in FOSUserBundle which is configured to be used as user Manager for HWIOauthBundle.
I am redirecting user for facebook logi of HWIOauthBundle after that I get redirected to Custom userManager Service, which contains some code as ,

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class FOSUBUserProvider extends BaseClass {
public function loadUserByOAuthUserResponse(UserResponseInterface $response) {
        $token = $this->session->get('token');

How to get current session in this custom service,

my services.yml is as follows

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    my_user_provider.class: Auth\UserBundle\Security\Core\User\FOSUBUserProvider
        class: "%my_user_provider.class%"
        #this is the place where the properties are passed to the UserProvider - see config.yml
        arguments: [@fos_user.user_manager,{facebook: facebookID}]
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