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Sonata Admin+ACL-Different dashboard for different roles

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Sonata Admin+ACL-Different dashboard for different roles

by frank100 » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:41 am

Well I am trying to achieve this using sonata admin bundle+ fosuser+ ACL

Three level of users –-normal user----staff----super admin When each user logs in each user is redirected to admin dashboard but shown only some admin items (listing) and user other than super admin allowed to edit only own items

I implemented everything as on listed here ... urity.html

I ran all acl command(inits and so on) everything is working fine

But sonata admin roles are so confusing. Rather than editing roles of every single user I am assigning user to groups (creating 3 groups normal,staff and super admin) and assigning roles to it(group).

But I am really confused what roles should be assigned to staff and normal user. If I assigned ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN role the user is able to do everything.

If I assign only ROLE_SONATA_ADMIN to group the dashboard is empty without any items.

So how can I achieve what I want? Thanks.

current roles here
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