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Symfony2 + FOSUserbundle + dynamic change validation groups

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Symfony2 + FOSUserbundle + dynamic change validation groups

by coder62 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:44 am

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I am new with Symfony2 and so I am with FOSUserbundle, the registration form I wrote got different fields mandatory based on if it is a company or private person, I set it up etc and if I hardcode the valdiation group in the fos config it will work, but what I need is to set it up dynamic based on the form submit data, I tried to follow: ... ion-groups

Seeing that FOSUserbundle use the deprecated OptionsResolverInterface , I even tried it with that one, but whatever I do it is never called.

So my question is kinda, what is the right approach with that bundle to change the valdiation group on the fly based on the submitted data?
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