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Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

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Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

by dpm39560 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:10 pm

I've read all the posts in this section, and I've gone through the quick tour PDF, and everything seems to start in the middle - with assumptions that I already know many things I don't know.

I am NOT a beginner - I have over 20 years experience in computers. Mostly in PCs; I was a professional Access DB developer for years, and I'm now a professional website designer, so that much is familiar ground to me. However, much of what you seem to take for granted we should already know -- I don't. This is very frustrating.

For example, in the quick tour PDF, I followed the download and unpack instructions just fine. I got all of the directories installed into a /symfony/ folder in the root director of my server.

The next section says "If you are familiar with Composer, you can run the following command..." Excuse me?? What exactly does "run the command" mean?

My setup: Win 7-64 PC, FTP connection to my host, who runs the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, but doesn't give me access to their INI files. I'm not running XAMPP or WAMP or any other on-board PHP/Apache/MySQL emulator, as I prefer to develop directly from my server.

So how exactly do I "run a command"? That's got me stumped. This is what I meant about needing some more beginner-level material. Don't start with "run a command," but tell me: HOW do I do that?

Next it says, "If you have PHP 5.4, you can run the following command..." Again with the mysterious "run this command" instruction. And how do I know what version of PHP I have? Sure, I could spend 15 minutes on the internet researching how to write a quick PHP script that will tell me the version, but isn't it enough to know my web host runs the latest version of PHP?

The next instruction is about how to check my configuration, by using a browser to go to http://localhost/Symfony/web/config.php -- WAIT A MINUTE! What's with this "localhost" stuff? Aren't you assuming I've installed XAMPP/WAMP and Sympfony on my local machine and not on my web host root directory? IF SO, then why in the world haven't you told me this before now? Okay, I have it out there on the internet, and I want to check my configuration - I went to the proper web address for that config.php file, and it says, "This script is only available from localhost."

Grrr. Can you see why I'm frustrated?

SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP! How can I get this promising-looking framework to actually run? Do I HAVE to install XAMPP/WAMP or similar on my computer first, or can I run it from the internet like I want to?

Suggested solution: Provide a TRUE step-by-step Getting Started guide. Don't assume someone has a Mac, or that they have XAMPP or WAMP installed. TELL US what we need to have to make this run.

Help, please?


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Re: Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

by bjo3rn » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:02 pm

dpm39560 wrote: Excuse me?? What exactly does "run the command" mean?
No offence, but if this is a hurdle for you I'm afraid you'll have a hard time working with Symfony. First of all it means you should run the mentioned command in a console/terminal which is typically a SSH connection to your server either local or remote. On Windows it's the prompt.
dpm39560 wrote:I'm not running XAMPP or WAMP or any other on-board PHP/Apache/MySQL emulator
These are no 'emulators' but the same applications you'll find on your server and I really recommend to install one of these.
dpm39560 wrote:And how do I know what version of PHP I have?
Sorry, but I'll have to confront you with another command:
Code: Select all
php -v
Another way to find out is using this 'script':
Code: Select all
<?php phpinfo();

dpm39560 wrote:"This script is only available from localhost."
If you take a look into the source of this script you'll find the lines responsible for this right at the top. Simply comment them but don't forget to uncomment them after you're finished.
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Re: Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

by microwave007 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:56 pm

1. Right click on the Computer icon on your Desktop and choose Properties option.
2. In the System window click on Advanced system settings in the left pane
3. In the System Properties window select Advanced tab and click on Environment Variables… button given at the bottom of the window
4. In the Environment Variables window you will notice two columns User variables for a Username and System variables.
5. Under System variables there is a Path variable, click edit
6. At the end of the line, add where you installed your xampp, for my case it is: ‘;C:\xampp\php’
7. Click OK.

Open CMD en browse with the cd\ command to your project folder
(for example:
cd xampp
cd htdocs
cd symfony

Copy/paste or type the command there without the '$' mark. (for example "app/console generate:bundle --namespace=Acme/HelloBundle --format=yml" without quotation marks)

I believe that's your answer ;)
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Re: Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

by tashi » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:10 pm

I am also searching for the beginners tutorial guide
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Re: Is There Any Tutorial For Beginners?

by tiagojsag » Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:19 pm


If you're looking for a step-by-step tutorial on symfony, the kind that teaches you how to build a blog or something... there isn't one (at least official).
The Symfony book, although not as friendly as a step-by-step (aka copy-paste) tutorial, will teach you about the concepts behind symfony2, and with that you should be able to start developing your own projects, and learn as you go.
With that said, you might find some tutorials on google.

Tiago Garcia

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