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update to v2.3.1 clobbers parameters.yml

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update to v2.3.1 clobbers parameters.yml

by halifaxious » Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:17 pm


I'm just starting out with Symfony (and Cpmposer), so likely this is user error. I had a working Symfony 2.3 installation which I had installed using Composer. I had added one extra package, ztec/security-active_directory also using Composer. That package required an addition to the parameters.yml file that looked something like this:

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            account_suffix : # without the @ at the beginning
            base_dn : DC=RIPER,DC=FR #The DN of the domain
            domain_controllers : [ ] #Servers to use for ldap connexion (Random)
            admin_username: #Null to use the userConnexion
            admin_password: #Null to use the userConnexion
            real_primarygroup : true #For Linux compatibility.
            use_ssl : false #Set it true need configuration of the server to be usefull
            use_tls : false #Set it true need configuration of the server to be usefull
            recursive_groups : false #Used Only for group test (not userInfo)
            sso : false #Use NTML. Not yet compatible with Symfony !!!
            username_patterns: #username is extracted from the string the user put into the login form
              - /([^@]*)  # like
              - /RIPER\\(.*)/i #like RIPER\toto
              - /RIPER.FR\\(.*)/i #like RIEPER.FR\toto
              - /(.*)/i #like toto

After I ran
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php composer.phar update
, the ztec addition to my parameter.yml file was gone. How do I prevent this in future?
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Re: update to v2.3.1 clobbers parameters.yml

by tiagojsag » Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:00 pm


Add them to parameters.yml.dist. Strarting from 2.3, parameters.yml is populated from the .dist version

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