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Horrible performance on vagrant+nps, tried everything..

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Horrible performance on vagrant+nps, tried everything..

by svaak » Sun May 18, 2014 1:33 pm

Hi guys.

Im getting average load times of 3-6 secs and tried everything, any1 got a suggestion?

- Tried moving the cache/log dirs outside of the NFS share. didnt make any difference
- Tried using the builtin server, didnt make a difference. So doesnt seem to be webserver relatied(nginx)
- Tried running it on my host machine, getting a average of 150ms~, so it has to be filesystem/fstat calls related..
- The profiler doesnt give any spikes, everything is just slow... Controller 500ms~, kernel.response 500ms~ ProfileListener 500ms~, twig stuff 500ms~, etc....

I lack the knowledge to figure out whats wrong filesystem related, i can recall reading open_basedir might have something to do with it. It obviously have something to do with for some reason bad IO..


As a comparison, a ZF2 project running in the same NFS share has perfect performance.. Which should be 10x slower if you want to believe the benchmarks out there
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