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How to use Symfony2

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How to use Symfony2

by Boopaathy » Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:38 am

Hi every one , i'm new to symfony 2. I'm facing many problem on initial setup of symfony 2. I followed same steps in documentation, On creating a new bundle i'm getting some errors bcoz of that bundles are not generating and i'm confused how to use DB in symfony 2. I'm Symfony1.4 Developer. I don't find where model will be and don't understand how to generate DB entity for Doctrine. When trying to access doctrine:generate:entity it's showing bundle you enter is not available.

Please help me on this, suggest me a good tutorial for learning practical symfony2 like jobeet tutorial on symfony legacy version.
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Re: How to use Symfony2

by mickburkesnr » Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:37 am

Ignore everything about Symfony 1.x. I could never use Symfony 1.x but Symfony2 is a different animal.

To create entities, I would suggest you create the database first. Once that is done, use the config script that comes with Symfony2. This sets up Symfony for use with the database.

At this point, read this document: ... n-symfony2

Using this is so much easier than going through a YAML by hand.

As for tutorials, the Cookbook on the Symfony site is a good resource. I haven't found a good tutorial site, but whenever I've been stuck on how to do something Google has helped as it gives you resources from all over the internet. You get bits and pieces of information but it's good information. But use the Symfony site as a starting point.
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