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Symfony2 CMF installation problem.

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Symfony2 CMF installation problem.

by phpcoder » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:08 pm

- Installing liip/functional-test-bundle (1.0.2)
Downloading: connection...
Could not fetch ... 348a2579e4, enter your GitHub credentials to go over the API rate limit
The credentials will be swapped for an OAuth token stored in C:/Users/_/AppData/Roaming/Composer/auth.json, your password will not be stored
To revoke access to this token you can visit

I just tried to install Symfony2 CMF as described in the book.

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$ php composer.phar create-project symfony-cmf/standard-edition cmf ~1.1

How to solve this problem? Btw in Symfony2 it always doesn't work 1st time..
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