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how to serialize

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how to serialize

by benakacha » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:09 pm

How to Save the contents of a text field to a formilaire to the database with php5

Here are the piece attached form

public function getNbjc()
$total = strtotime($this->getDatefinc()) -strtotime( $this->getDatedebutc());

return $total/86400 ;

will be calculated in the Nbjc and display it in their fields and then stores it in the database since Nbjc is the difference between two dates

schema.yml -->>>
_attributes: { phpName: PersoConge }
id: { type: INTEGER, size: '11', primaryKey: true, autoIncrement: true, required: true }
employe_id: { type: INTEGER, size: '11', required: true, foreignTable: perso_employe, foreignReference: cin, onDelete: RESTRICT, onUpdate: RESTRICT }
typedeconge: { type: VARCHAR, size: '255', required: true }
datedebutc: { type: DATE, required: true }
datefinc: { type: DATE, required: true }
nbjc: {type:integer ,required: false }
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