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Report Class Helper for Sf

Requests for new symfony features.

Report Class Helper for Sf

by ls_ttt » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:01 pm

Hi, Can the framework support the really common task of building reports?

Everybody (barely) implements reporting with 3th party tools but most of them are not good Object Oriented libs, so you end with a nice app with an really ugly implementation of reports,..

I don't want to use ireports because it is designed with/for java.

Every other language has a decent tool for report making. Why not PHP?? not even a simple one!

It would be cool if Symfony or any other framework gives us a hand with that common but unattended task in PHP..!!

What I need? A class that manages reports: title, sections, sum/count/avg fields, grouping, headers, footers, export pdf/xls/csv/txt/xml, filter, sorting, pagination, orientation, and finally -> show the report.

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