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How can I have 3 prod environment ?

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How can I have 3 prod environment ?

by jc.dixneuf » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:40 am


I've got some problems... I want to share the same code to 2 or 3 differents client. One client can have a specific code during the life of my product. What's the best solution ?

I duplicate the index.php to client1.php, client2.php and client3.php and i configure the config\settings.yml for the 3 different environment with the "no_script_name" set to true. I place each client file to a subdirectory : web\client1\client1.php, web\client2\client2.php, web\client3\client3.php (they also have a database by client). -> javascript and css are not loaded...

Someone can help me?

Thanks (and sorry about my english)
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