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Dissections of example bundles

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Dissections of example bundles

by Luken » Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:54 pm

Hello! This a challenge for brave people . It would be EXTREMELY helpful if someone would write a "dissection" of given bundle, just to explain how it interacts with the framework, and how it works. Just for educational purposes as I found a lot of concepts are hard to understand for a newcomer like me, and I'm ready to contribute if I will be able to understand what I'm working with (documentation is not helping too much, but few weeks and I will grasp it the hard way I think...) .

For example very simple: BeSimpleI18nRoutingBundle . How it overrides default router? What are the services definded in "routing.xml" and what are their roles? How is bundle using them? Etc. :)

As bundles code can change in time, a git tag denoting the dissected release can be given.

Most of the bundles are pretty simple, if someone knows API of Symfony2, it should be not a problem for him to explain how something works, but that would be a HUGE help for others in understanding how to write own bundles and contribute back to the project. So I BEG you, yes YOU, to write up a text about some bundle and post it here in a form of a article or link to your blog, where you published that kind of article. I think it would be extremely helpful for a project. :)
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