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Setting parameters from Database

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Setting parameters from Database

by shairyar » Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:37 pm


Instead of hard coding the parameters in parameters.yml I am trying to load them from database. Not all parameters in parameters.yml needs to be loaded from database just a few, like api details of paypal

I came across this documtation but it does not really help.

This is what I have done so far to load some data in config.yml from database

In config.yml I have imported the parameters.php

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    - { resource: parameters.php }

If I add static information in parameters.php like the one below it works fine

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$demoName = 'First Last';
$container->setParameter('demoName', $demoName);

However I am not able to fetch information from database table. I thought i should create class and make use of
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$em = this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
and it should work but it doesn't and i get the error of

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Notice: Undefined variable: paypal_data in /opt/lampp/htdocs/services/app/config/parameters.php (which is being imported from "/opt/lampp/htdocs/services/app/config/config.yml").

This is the attempt i made but the code does not seem to go in __construct()

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use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller;
use Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\Registry;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

class parameters extends Controller
    public $paypal_data;

    function __construct() {

    public function indexAction(){

        $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
        $this->paypal_data = $em->getRepository('featureBundle:paymentGateways')->findAll();


$demoName = 'First Last';
$container->setParameter('demoName', $demoName);
$container->setParameter('paypal_data', $this->paypal_data);

Any help will be much appreciated.
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