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probably simple install issues

Installation and environment issues, mainly on 1.x but there's some 2.x here too.

probably simple install issues

by SymfN00b » Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:55 pm

Hi all,

I have a few issues installing symfony 1.4 on my windows XP wamp installation, I'm referring to this documentation, ... ject-Setup. I can't configure the database and get the "symfony" shortcut working:

The generate:project task has also created a symfony shortcut in the project root directory to shorten the number of characters you have to write when running a task.

So, from now on, instead of using the fully qualified path to the symfony program, you can use the symfony shortcut.

Configuring the Database

The symfony framework supports all PDO-supported databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MSSQL, ...) out of the box. On top of PDO, symfony comes bundled with two ORM tools: Propel and Doctrine.

When creating a new project, Doctrine is enabled by default. Configuring the database used by Doctrine is as simple as using the configure:database task:

Installation ran ok:

F:\dev\sfproject>php lib\vendor\symfony-1.4.17\data\bin\symfony generate:project
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\apps
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\cache
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\config
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/properties.ini
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/rsync_exclude.txt
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\data
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\data/fixtures
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\data/fixtures/fixtures.yml
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\lib/form
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\lib/form/BaseForm.class.php
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\log
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\plugins
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\symfony
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\test
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\test/bootstrap
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\test/bootstrap/functional.php
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\test/bootstrap/unit.php
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\test/functional
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\test/unit
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/.htaccess
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/css
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/css/main.css
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/images
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/js
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/robots.txt
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/uploads
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\web/uploads/assets
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/properties.ini
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/rsync_exclude.txt
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/properties.ini
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/rsync_exclude.txt
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/lib/form/BaseForm.class.php
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/databases.yml
>> dir+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/doctrine
>> file+ F:\dev\sfproject\config/doctrine/schema.yml
>> chmod 777 F:\dev\sfproject\web\uploads
>> chmod 777 F:\dev\sfproject\cache
>> chmod 777 F:\dev\sfproject\log
>> chmod 777 F:\dev\sfproject/symfony
>> chmod 777 F:/dev/sfproject/web/uploads/assets
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/databases.yml
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/doctrine/schema.yml
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/properties.ini
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/config/rsync_exclude.txt
>> tokens F:/dev/sfproject/lib/form/BaseForm.class.php

install didn't create shortcut:
F:\>php symfony configure:database "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=dbname" root mYsEcret
Could not open input file: symfony

database won't install:
F:\dev\sfproject\lib\vendor\symfony-1.4.17\data\bin>php symfony configure:database "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=dbname" root mYsEcret

Task "configure:database" is not defined.


When checking my configuration, the only error I'm getting is this:
[[WARNING]] The posix_isatty() is available: FAILED
*** Install and enable the php_posix extension (used to colorized the CLI output) ***

It looks like the same issue as this:
configure:database is only available if you have configured your project with an ORM support (either Propel or Doctrine). It looks like you have not run the command from the proper directory.

However the documentation says that 'Doctrine is enabled by default."

Anybody got any ideas that would help this n00b out?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: probably simple install issues

by danielh » Fri May 04, 2012 5:22 pm

For install didn't create shortcut:, it looks like you might have been in the wrong directory:

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F:\>php symfony configure:database "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=dbname" root mYsEcret

You should be in the dev\sfproject directory, so your command line should have looked like:

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F:\dev\sfproject>php symfony configure:database "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=dbname" root mYsEcret

About the configure database problem, open the config/properties.ini file. When configured properly with the ORM, it should look like the following:

Code: Select all
  author=Your Name

If it doesn't, then try editing it manually to add that orm=Doctrine line
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Re: probably simple install issues

by chirag » Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:55 pm

Hiya I am newbie to symfony

I have started symfony yestereday and i got stuck on my first day of the tutorial wondering if you guys can help? ... rine/en/01
this above link is day 1 tutorial where it says project set up and project creation thats where i am stuck right now:s

basically i am trying to generate:project jobeet

C:\development\sfprojects\jobeet\lib\vendor\symfony\data\bin\symfony generate:project jobeet?

but its giving me problem any guys can help me what is wrong with it?

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