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Symfony error after install on WinXP SP2

Installation and environment issues, mainly on 1.x but there's some 2.x here too.

Symfony error after install on WinXP SP2

by keithcelt » Sun Nov 06, 2005 9:30 pm


I installed PHP 5.05, then PEAR, then Symfony, then Pfing per the instructions in the "installation" chapter of the Symfony Book.

Everything completed nicely except that when I run "Symfony -T" or any other symfony command and I get the following error:

Files\php5\..\lib"" was unexpected at this time.

I figured this was becuase of some path variabls but couldnt find it. At a guess I'd say the space in "Program Files" is messing it up. That said, I'd prefer not to reinstall everything to change the path.

Also, I've never installed PEAR and the dir structure seems odd.

c:\program files\php5\pear\pear\symfony\symfony
(the "pear\pear\symfony\symfony" part is what looks odd to me.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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Re: Symfony error after install on WinXP SP2

by fabien » Wed Nov 09, 2005 5:22 pm

I hope you didn't remove your installation because this was a bug in pake and symfony. I think it's fixed now and you can upgrade symfony to test it:

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pear upgrade symfony/symfony-beta

It will also upgrade pake automatically. Check you have version 0.5.89 with symfony -V.

Hope this will fix your problems.
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