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Integrate Snoopy into Symfony 2.1

Installation and environment issues, mainly on 1.x but there's some 2.x here too.

Integrate Snoopy into Symfony 2.1

by taylorr » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:01 am

Just updated to Symfony 2.1 and found out that the previous autoload is no working as I expected.

I have searched a few topics in Google but sounds very complicated, involving modifying composer.json.

I tried to directly require Snoopy in my Repository (where Snoopy lib is used) like this:

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require_once 'Snoopy.class.php';
class BookRepository extends EntityRepository
    private function getDoubanRemote($isbn)
        $s = new Snoopy();

But not good.

1. Any hint?
2. Or what existing bundles can be an alternate?
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