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Routing requests for index.php through app.php

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Routing requests for index.php through app.php

by lrw » Wed May 06, 2015 6:47 pm

I have a legacy PHP site that I'd like to start migrating to Symfony 2.3.

All the existing URLs use the same pattern: /index.php?page=ID.

I'd like to use /app.php for all requests, so I can start migrating legacy pages when I have time to refactor them.

My problem is that Symfony returns a circular reference error.

Here's the controller:

Code: Select all
 * @Route('/index.php', name="_legacy")
 * @ParamConverter("get", name="page")
public function legacyAction($legacyRoute)
   return new Response('<html><body>This is the legacy page ID: '.$page.'</body></html>');

And here's the error:

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FileLoaderImportCircularReferenceException in FileLoader.php line 97:
Circular reference detected in "/mysite/app/config/routing_dev.yml" ("/mysite/app/config/routing_dev.yml" > "/mysite/app/config/routing.yml" > "/mysite/src/AppBundle/Controller/" > "/mysite/app/config/routing_dev.yml").

I think the issue is in web/.htaccess, but I'm not sure. Has anyone done something similar or have an idea for routing requests for index.php through app.php?
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