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Forum cleanup

The symfony advent calendar project forum.

Forum cleanup

by tiagojsag » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:34 pm

Hello, community,

As you all know, this forum is moderated, due to the significant amount of spam it gets. This means that new users don't see their posts/replies published right away, and have to wait for a moderator to approve them. This takes some time, depending on the availability of each section's moderators (yes, we moderators are still humans, and have jobs, friends and hobbies). Some particular sections were getting less love that others, and had rather large queues. Today, a "spring clean" took place in the forum, in order to address those large queues of pending messages.

Unfortunately it would just take too much time to go through every pending message, so the following was done:
- Pending posts and replies ranging from today until 1 month back were reviewed. All of those considered 'Ok' were approved, the others rejected.
- Pending posts and replies older that 1 month were rejected without being reviewed.

This has the downside of deleting some 'Ok' posts and replies that unfortunately we cannot review. We would like to apologize to those users who saw their messages get deleted, but, like stated before, the queues were too large to be reviewed.
In the future we'll try to keep those queues empty, meaning your posts will get reviewed and approved faster.


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