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I'm a bit confused.

Discussion around this tutorial for symfony 1.0.x

I'm a bit confused.

by jrsmith » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:34 pm

First let me say that, for what it is, askeet is pretty impressive.

Now, my confusion lies in finding the most up-to-date version of the codebase. I assumed that the svn repository was the best place to get the current code, but in the course of trying to fix a bug I was encountering, I found this thread: =executeDelete()#msg_53984

Which seems to include a version of actions.class.php from askeet/apps/frontend/modules/questions/actions that is almost a year newer than the one I got from the svn.

I've been poking around in here all morning and I can't seem to figure out if the svn can be trusted, or if the most recent version in trunk is actually the most recent, or if I should be using these "day" compilations that people are posting, or if there's another source for the code that I've completely missed.

Can anyone say, definitively, where the most recent code lives?
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