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New site running on Symfony -

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New site running on Symfony -

by mvan » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:23 pm

I have recently re-launched a non-commercial project now built on Symfony framework. web site provides a place for easy sharing of photos and experiences from different actions and adventures happening in the mountains.

I used:
- Symfony as an application framework including few of its plugins
- Ajax helpers for photo sets management (registered users)
- swfUpload component for handling easy multi-file uploads (registered users)
- Lightbox adaptation based on mootools lib for photo preview
- Google Picasa API integration as an alternative to the photo upload (using Zend library)
- Google Maps API integration to provide photo sets geo descriptions using lines and markers
- Full OpenID consumer support for registration and login (using Zend library)
- l10n and I18n

Thanks to all Symfony team!

Bratislava, Slovakia
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Re: New site running on Symfony -

by rsantellan » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:46 pm

Hi Michal,
My name is Rodrigo and I start working in Symfony project three month ago.

Searching in the forum for a good solution to upload pictures in symfony and if symfony has some built in tool I reach this post.

I was impress of all the technologies that you put together. Impulsed by curiosity I look at your web site and is really good, you have done a fantastic job with it.

What I was hopping is that if you have a spare time it was possible to give me a hand integrating this technologies in my project.
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